Vita-conch Capsule


Brand Name –Vita-conch

Medicine Type-Ayurvedic


Storage –Cool and Dry Place

Dosage – As per doctor’s Prescription

Pack size  – 30 capsules in black plastic container with carton

M.R.P. -540.00/ plastic container



Withania somnifera-70 mg+ Asparagus adscendens -65 mg+ Pueraria tuberosa-65mg+ Mucunaprurita -50 mg+Black bitumen -35mg+Astercantaha-20mg+Aconitum heterophyllum-15mg+Myristica officinalis-20mg+Cymimum-20mg+ Asparagus Racemosus-20mg+ Tribulus terrestris-20 mg+ Sida cordifolia-20 mg+Myristica fragrans-20 mg+Resinaflava -22mg+ Hyoscyanarus-20 mg+Syzygium aromaticum-10 mg+ camphor-8mg


Vita-conch is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine. It is a complete power booster which naturally improves male sexual performance. It is a herbal capsule for treatment of premature ejaculation i.e. ejaculation which occurs too soon or before penetration, sexual dysfunction, to increase sexual desire and getting and keeping an erection.

Herbs used in Vita-conch increases libido. Libidois lost due to excessive nightfall, premature ejaculation, semen secretion within urine, hectic lifestyle, stress, high blood pressure, depression, tension, unhealthy food, smoking, improper sleep etc. The herbs extract in Vita-conch acts both mentally and physically to give the best result and enhance your libido.

Due to its rational combination of pure herbs extract, Vita-conch capsule improves sexual desire and performance in sex, improve production of sperms, relieves anxiety and stress associated with sexual performance, restores energy level, improves stamina, revitalizes the body, fights erectile dysfunction and helps to achieve orgasm.



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