Wymega- Gold Vegetarian Antioxidant


Brand Name Conch
Medicine Type Nutritional supplement
Form Tablets
Storage Cool & Dry Place
Dosage As per doctor’s prescription
Pack Size 2×15 Tablets


Gensing-21.25 mg, Ginkgo biloba-20 mg, Garcinia Combogia-15mg,Green tea Extract-10mg, Ginger-10mg, Garlic Powder-2mg,Citrus Bioflavoniods-12.5mg, Lycopene-2mg, Essential amino Acid, Essentials vitamins and Essential minerals


Wymega Gold is an Vegetarianantioxidant tablet with a rational combination of natural extract, essential nutrients, amino acid, vitamins and minerals. Due to hectic life style, irregular and less nutritional food our body requires more nutrition from other source which we have to fulfill from taking nutritional supplement and for this Wymega Gold is most suitable option.

Wymega Gold contains 8 natural extract, 2 essential nutrients, 5 essential amino acid, 12 essentials vitamins and 11 essential minerals. Due to this very logical combination Wymega gold approximately fulfill the require daily dose of the above ingredients. It improves immunity, is a good antioxidant, boots energy level, and combat weakness, helps fight ageing, promotes development and normal growth, improves blood circulation, promotes skin health, and converts fatty acid in energy and good for healthy bone.

Side effect: Wymega gold is almost safe if taken in recommended dose.

Storage: Though vitamins are sensitive to heat and light so protect them from direct sunlight and store in cool, dark and dry place.


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